“This should be mandatory reading for all C-Suite aspirants. Exceptional DIY manual for survival and success.”
Clinton Wingrove, EVP & Principal Consultant at Pilat HR Solutions and co-CEO of CKT Solutions

“Dr. Kahn has identified the key challenges every CEO must deal with at a very personal level. He has given us powerful insights and practical solutions.”

Patricia H. Troy, IOM, CAE, President/CEO of Next Wave Group, LLC

“Michael has written a very useful and practical book that contains wisdom and advice from dozens of leaders in a a variety of fi elds. It includes ideas and strategies that can enrich both your personal and professional life. This book is the next best thing to having your own personal leadership coach.”
Dr. Alan Leis, Former Superintendent, Naperville School District 203

“This book is required reading, a reference and ongoing companion for anyone who aspires to live and to lead any kind of organization successfully. Michael Kahn has brought together real research results, admired thought leadership, and his own experience into a rich tapestry of practical advice. We all learn best from people who are passionate about their discoveries and have the integrity to take their own advice.

I think Michael has made connections between things that are absolutely required learning for anyone who aspires to live and lead successfully. In fact, this book should be read by the substantial number of people who think it is not possible to do both.

I know he is not a fan of “work/life balance,” but it is one of the most discussed issues in our groups. While he does not call it that in the book, Michael really does give people an ongoing procedure for establishing and sustaining harmony between how they live and how they lead.”
Paul A. Riecks Cofounder and principal of INSIGHT

“Michael Kahn must be congratulated for making such a fine contribution to a new world of understanding about the true nature of leadership in his book Mastering the CEO’s Greatest Challenge. This book presents significant insights for the health and well-being of our best people in the corporate, business, and governmental areas upon which the development of America’s future prosperity depends. It makes clear recommendations for enhancing our best self.

This book presents easy-to-understand models for making the best choices in creating
win-win situations for oneself and others in life’s most important transactions. No superficial flimflam. This really is a book we can all sincerely believe in!”
Ernest Rossi, PhDCreating Consciousness: How Therapists Can Facilitate Wonder, Wisdom, Truth, and Beauty and The Twenty-Minute Break

“This is a wonderful book, and is certainly worth reading. The approach Michael Kahn has taken is very consistent with my own hardiness approach. In particular, these two approaches show how the most productive approach to dealing with the stressful circumstances of life is to throw oneself into the courageous and difficult process of turning the stresses from potential disasters into growth opportunities instead. This fulfilling process takes courage and hard work.

In his own life, Kahn’s serious physical illness provided the recognition that lots needed to be done to turn what was happening into psychosocial advance. It is not surprising to me that he was provoked in this by an article by Suzanne Kobasa, who at the time was a graduate student member of my hardiness research team. The team was studying individual difference in how Illinois Bell Telephone employees responded to a dramatic disruption of the telephone industry. Soon after, Deborah M. Khoshaba and I developed a validated hardiness training program that took a similar direction to the approach outlined by Kahn in his book. In all this, Kahn’s life process following his physical illness is a fine example of recognizing the difficulty and stressfulness of life, and the need to use one’s resources to turn this to advantage.”

Salvatore R. Maddi, PhD
Professor, Department of Psychology and Social Behavior, Universityof California, Irvine; winner of the 2012 American Psychological Foundation Gold Medal Award for Lifetime Contributions to Psychology in the Public Interest; coauthor, Resilience at Work: How to Succeed No Matter What Life Throws at You